It’s time to confidently step into the next level of wealth + financial success you were made for. 

Are you ready to transform what’s possible for your money and your life?

Your Richest Year is the proven framework, tools, step-by-step instructions, inspiration and support to achieve the life-changing financial goals that mean the most to you.

You have a dream to earn the money you deserve, have a bank account you’re proud of, create the life you know you’re meant for and finally feel in full control of your financial destiny

I have the training, systems and support to make it happen - a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined.



How would it feel to stop feeling…

If you’re nodding your head thinking, uuummm is she in my brain?? Then let’s get you feeling like this instead…

Can we have a seat at the honesty table for a sec? 

Financially stuck, knowing deep down there’s more for you
Paralysed by doubt and tired of procrastinating everything that deep down you know would get you ahead financially and help you live the life you really want
Frustrated because you want to grow financially but you’re not sure of the next step
Uncertain if you’re really worthy of making your dreams a reality
Unease, stress and even guilt about money and spending that you just can’t shake
Weird and awkward having conversations about money
Unorganized and avoidant of everything and anything to do with money
Frustrated and even embarrassed because you make good money but feel like you should have more to show for it

"Sandra!! I feel like I can do anything!! You and your amazing course were just what I needed when I was finally ready! It gave me a solid financial platform that was simple, fun and worked! I paid off $50k in debt, saved $20k," bought an investment property and am Living My Richest life finally!!! 

Sherri MacLeod

"I’m so excited I could cry!! Sandra I just landed an $11,000 client!"


I feel so much more clarity and control with my money. I achieved my goals in ways I hadn’t expected. Which fueled me to set new goals - which I’m now seeing set in motion. All about momentum baby!!

Erin Merce 

"For the first time ever I feel like I have a plan that’s lighting me up. I feel in control and I don’t ever want to lose that!! This has been a transformative experience!"

Julie ihamaki




Hey you,

I'm Sandra

I see you there with your big beautiful goals, ready to do whatever it takes to take action and step into what’s really possible for you financially. And that officially makes us best friends. 

So why this program? Why me as your guide?  

Not that long ago, I was right where you are.

I knew I wanted to take control of my money and create real wealth on my own terms; I had big dreams, but I didn't know where to start. So together with my four best friends, we took matters into our own hands. 

In less than a year using the framework we created, we had completely transformed our financial situations and stepped into another level; not only were our bank accounts richer, but so were our lives. 

We were so successful that we were invited to share our story live with Oprah. (Our episode Why This Is Your Year To Get Richer - was hand picked personally by Oprah in 2020 as one of her top 50 favorite episodes of all time).

After co-authoring two books with Random House and being featured on the Today Show, The New York Times, CNN, and so many more, I've spent the past 15 years helping thousands of women across the globe achieve life changing financial goals. 

This program is the culmination of my most effective tools and strategies, curated into one simple, fun, inspiring and proven framework that I've seen work time and time again. Giving you access to the most comprehensive, effective and inspiring program for your money goals.

Now is your time to get richer and I can’t wait to guide you and cheer you on!

"You Smart Cookies Are Inspiring! Wow!"


"There is no better time to get with the program, shift your mindset and have an inspiring plan for your money than now, and no one better to help you than Sandra. Financial wellness IS wellness"

Kelly LeVeque Author & Celebrity Nutritionist

“Your Richest Year changed my life! In less than 8 months I paid off more than $10,000 of debt, and increased my income by more than $190,000 (during a pandemic!). Honestly what I'm most blown away by was how EASY it was once I shifted my mindset and had the right system and support."

Almira Bardai

Just by being here, you're already a smart cookie and I love that 


You have big dreams for your life and your money!
You’re not about super restrictive budgeting that’s outdated, impossible to stick to and leaves you feeling guilty every time you spend your money - HARD NO to that! 
You’re ready to take action, do things differently this time and amaze yourself at what you can accomplish - You’re speaking my love language!

I’m so ready to help you!

Here’s just a sample of the money goals brought to life using the framework I teach inside Your Richest Year.

take a look at this 

But First

Purchased thriving investment properties

Booked dream vacations paid for in advance

Saved enough to leave their 9-5 job to pursue their dream business with peace of mind

Created new passive income streams

More than tripled their income in less than a year

Paid off high-interest date years earlier

Increased profit and cash-flow inside their businesses

Purchases their dreams homes

Renovated their dream homes

Took a full maternity leave with a stacked savings account

Here’s exactly what you’ll get instant access to inside

What's Inside?

Learn how to uncover and release the mindset blocks that have been holding you back and how to implement the neuroscience based techniques to cultivate a mindset that allows you to finally step into the life and wealth you deserve and is 100% possible for you.  

Expansive money mindset

Video Module 1

You can have all the financial tools and systems in the world at your fingertips, but real, meaningful, financial success REQUIRES A CLEAR & ALIGNED VISION. I’ll show you how to create your unique and meaningful vision for wealth and teach you how to create aligned goals that propel you into action and keep you moving forward despite what life throws at you.

Authentic vision & aligned goals

Video Module 2

Giving you the ultimate peace of mind and sweet organizational bliss with access to the system and blueprint designed to ensure money flows towards your goals each month, all unexpected and variable expenses are covered, and you have more than enough to spend on all the things and experiences that you love.  

Your Money Blueprint

Video Module 3

The key to ongoing financial success is a monthly practice you’re actually excited about, one that allows you to continuously expand and grow, keeps you aligned with your purpose and allows you to feel organized and on top of your money. I’m sharing exactly how to do that here. 

The monthly financial flow & abundance practice

Video Module 4

Are you ready to achieve your next level money goals, and amaze yourself at what’s possible for you?

yes, I need this!

Now, scuuuuuse me while I go chill the bubbly for you, and while I do, I need you to see this!

What's Inside?

You’ll also get access to the on demand Money Mastery Library
The Netflix of money + abundance trainings (A $290 value) 

Video workshop walking you through my Done-For-You proven 4 step action plan to pay off your debt faster and save thousands of dollars in interest.

A gorgeous plug and play template done for you (no math required) that will show you EXACTLY which date you’ll be debt-free and exactly what you need to do with your money every single month to reach your payoff goals. 

Debt acceleration mastery 

Video workshop walking you through the easy steps most business owners (or aspiring business owners) miss, showing you exactly how to set yourself up to pay yourself more, cover variable expenses and create a permanently profitable and sustainable business.

Biz finance mastery

In this workshop I share the most impactful habits, mindsets and strategies I’ve been lucky enough to learn from amazing women who are masters at creating and attracting aligned multiple income streams to maximize and diversify their wealth.

Multiple income stream mastery 

Also Included

Digital fillable workbook to guide you through the course ($47 value)
Exclusive Members Area with instant 24/7 access to all modules and resources. ($97 value)

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“Ok, I can’t even believe it, I’ve paid off $24,000 of debt this year and saved more than $28,000. It feels SO good to have everything automated and finally be in full control of my money, I can actually enjoy my maternity leave, this program has changed my family’s life!”

Jacquelyn Morrow

YEP! I believe in you + this program SO much. Now is your time, you ready!?


“This program is so much more than just another financial roadmap course - it also guides you through how to work alongside the universe rather than against it. I can't believe that I have lived through so many years of my life so mindlessly until now. Living with a purpose makes life so much more worth it when going through the journey. I am so glad I got out of my own head and took the leap and joined!”

Zerlynn Tiang

"Friends, if I can do it, I know for darn sure YOU ALL can do it. This has been so inspirational to me. I am so very thankful that Sandra has made this an awesomely safe place to talk about money, to ask, explore, learn and share. Here’s to all of us and our money wins!"

Robin Silk

"I never in a million years thought I would feel this good about my money. I knew I needed the support and to nail down the habits to actually make it happen, my life has never been more in flow!"

Alisa Rose

What if starting today

You overcame the beliefs and patterns that have held you back and blew your own mind with how much you can accomplish with your money in just a few months, and begin to realize this is JUST the beginning of something better than you possibly imagined.
You approached your money goals with proven tools + systems that make bringing your money goals to life a breeze and give you the financial confidence to know there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish! 
You felt clear and confident in your purpose and were fully in your worth, knowing you’re in full control of achieving the financial goals most meaningful to you.


You’re staring at a stacked bank account. 
You’re spotting and seizing money making opportunities.
You’ve ditched the doubt and feel joy and confidence knowing YOU ARE A SMART COOKIE and you deserve every bit of richness headed your way.

Then suddenly…

"I almost don't recognise the person I was before this program. I was overwhelmed, unfocused and convinced someone else was going to rescue me from my financial mess. It wasn't pretty. What I've learned has changed my life. I'm in control of my numbers every single month, just this January I moved into my newly renovated condo on the Sunshine Coast! This is just the beginning, I'm so excited for what's ahead!"

Andrea Hill

Your Richest Year was designed just for you

The ambitious, Smart Cookie with big dreams, who’s ready for a clear proven framework to move beyond the blocks and to have the system and support that goes way beyond restrictive budgets. 
Brace yourself, you’re going to want to prepare for:

A stacked bank account that makes you want to print your balance on a t-shirt and wear it proudly for all to see! 
Massive financial momentum and big wins in just a few weeks. 
The sudden ability and confidence to see and seize BIG income generating opportunities. 
The kind of mind blowing sleep and peace of mind you can only get when you know with 100% certainty you’re fully incharge of your financial destiny.

Ready to cartwheel right into the world where you confidently achieve the next level of wealth + financial success you were made for.






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Frequently Asked Questions


Well my friend, I created the Your Richest Year for you because I've been where you are; frustrated because I knew I was smart, I was beyond motivated and yet I was exhausted trying to figure out how to have the financial success I knew I really deserved. So, I made some BIG changes with my mindset and how I set and achieved my money goals and now I'm handing over the exact system on how I did it, because I know you can too.


When you join, you’ll get an email with your login to our private Your Richest Year platform that will give you full instant access to all workshops and all on demand money mastery trainings. Each training is between 30 - 60 minutes. You’ll have full access to all of the trainings and guides for the lifetime of the course. 


No need to worry about buyers remorse, I've got ya covered! I poured my heart into this program and I know that it will be a life-changing asset for your life like it has been for mine and the 2000+ amazing women I've had the privilege to lead in my online workshops. But, I want you to know I have your back: I have a pretty tight 30-day refund policy (only because I want to attract dedicated, go-getters to the course!) but if you put in the work, show me all your completed worksheets and notes, and your financial situation has not improved I’ll give you a complete refund. I don’t want you to second-guess your purchase for a second!

I don't know if this is the right time for me. 

Here’s what I think: a year from now, you’re going to wish you had started today. Sure, it’s going to take time, but time will pass anyway. And the money, if you're going to spend it, might as well be put towards something that's going to help you bring your dreams to life. This program will teach you how to change the way you think about and look at your money. Whether you've been working on your money goals for 10 years or you're just getting started, this will lay a foundation for life long success. Trust me, your future self will thank you for taking a leap today!

Will this work from me if I live in Canada?

Yes! Everything in the program is applicable no matter where you live. 

How long do I have access to the courses?

A GREAT question! You’ll have full access for the lifetime of the course. . Even though the doors are closing for enrolment, the course content isn’t going anywhere. You can buy now, and start them whenever you want.

Ready to finally make your next level money goals happen?

I’m so excited for you!

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6 payments

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