Hey I'm Sandra!

Let's imagine we were hanging out in person. I'd swing open the door, give you a huge hug and invite you inside and pour you a coffee or a little wine and we'd scheme about those beautiful dreams and goals of yours.

I would tell you how I went from working as a receptionist for $28,000 a year in my twenties to being so financially successful in less than a year, that I was invited to share my story on Oprah, then The Today Show, The New York Times and countless more. How I co-authored two books with Random House and have guided more than 2000 inspiring women in my digital courses to elevate their money and their lives. It’s been an incredible ride!

And of all the lessons I’ve learned on this incredible journey, they most important is this:

Anyone who has made their dreams come true and created the life and abundance they were meant for, has done one very important thing first. They've stepped through their fear and doubt into a state of possibility and seized the moment.

Hint Hint - THIS is your moment, and this Guide Is Your First Step!

Can't wait to see where this journey takes you.