So many create goals or plans for the future but don’t really have a clear vision of what they truly want their life to look and feel like. 

It may seem simple, but creating a clear vision of the life you really want requires something more than just setting goals, or listing out the dreams you want to achieve.

It requires an intentional method that is very different from what we’re used to.

How to use this method to shift your perspective, tap into your heart and create a clear vision of what you really want is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do. You ready?

What’s inside your free guide

How to create a clear vision of what’s really possible for you

Prompts to guide you through every step of the process

How to gain clarity on what you really want (even if you’ve been stuck or felt fuzzy about this in the past)

Insider secrets on how to use this exercise to go after your dreams and bring your vision to life

As I was writing and words were just flowing on the paper I felt and envisioned it like it was unfolding right in front of me. Honestly amazing, I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Giselle Francisco

This exercise transformed my life. What happened for me in just a few months time, I honestly never would have believed was possible.

Camille Gifford

My vision is so clear, for the first time ever!

Sherri McLeod




Hey I'm Sandra!

In the last decade, I’ve helped thousands of women from all over the world envision and create the lives of their wildest dreams. 

Along the way, I’ve had my own “pinch me, is this real life!?” dreams realized; being featured on Oprah, The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America, in the New York Times and writing two books with Random House, even hosting my own TV show along with my four best friends. 

My wish is that what you uncover and create in this process fills you with inspiration, and also a reconnection with your imagination and the dreams you’re deserving of. 

I cannot wait to see what unfolds for you, I’ll be over here smiling until my cheeks cramp, cheering you on every step of the way!