7 Secrets to upgrade your fall wardrobe without spending a dime!

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Clear the clutter and upgrade your fall must-haves and do it all without spending a dime, with our Smart Cookie guide to Hosting a Swap Soiree!

#1. Pick one theme:

You can plan a swap party for make-up and beauty products to clothing and everything in between. But the best swap parties stick with one theme to avoid an overload of too much “stuff”. Popular themes include beauty products, clothing and magazine swaps.

#2. Host your swap at the end of the season:

People are more likely to be cleaning out their closets and cupboards and looking for new pieces and items to freshen up. Send out an Evite or Facebook invitation a month in advance to give guests time to prepare. Ask your friends to spread the word to their other style conscious friends.

#3. Set a minimum and maximum number of items each person should bring:

This way you’ll have plenty of quality things to trade, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

#4. Keep it fun:

You’re there to swap but it’ll be a better experience for everyone if there are other things to do to. Choose a couple of games to play to keep people engaged.

#5. Request that each guest bring a snack to share:

Non-greasy finger foods—like fresh veggies and fruit—allow guests to keep one hand free while they shop, and won’t leave stains or spills on the items

#6. Keep it fair:straws

Avoid a free for all by drawing straws to see what order you’ll take turns choosing items.

#7. Sipping at the Swap:

First thing you need to know: as a rule of thumb you get more “bang” for your buck from hard alcohol over beer or wine (750 ml bottle of wine will pour 5 , 5 oz glasses. 750 ml of vodka will serve 16 drinks on a 1.5oz pour). Create a signature cocktail for the night like a peach mojito or a teatini and cheers to your upgraded fall must-haves!


Your Smart Cookies

P.S. Have you ever hosted a Swap Soiree? Share your thoughts and tips below!

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