6 Money Saving Grocery Apps to Make Shopping Simple

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Grocery shoppingDear Cookies,

Sometimes the seemingly simple task of grocery shopping can be a major chore; all the aisles, the flashy brands, the endless choices!


And you’ve got a mission; stay within your spending plan, make healthy, smart choices… and fast, so you can make that one o’clock meeting and get the dog to the groomers. Ahh!


But all you need to do is reach into your purse and pull out your grocery savings secret weapon (a.k.a. your Smartphone).

Because we’ve got 6 mobile apps guaranteed to streamline your shopping experience and save your money and your sanity.




If you’ve ever stood in the grocery aisle trying to compare prices and contents to figure out which product size will get you the best deal, here’s an app for you! Apples2Oranges is a conversion calculator that lets you compare prices, amounts, and ingredients.




Here’s an app that makes shopping for the whole family a breeze. ZipList (available in the U.S and Canada) lets you create a shopping list for FREE. You can scan the barcodes to add items to your list and sync up with other family members who have the app downloaded – so they can add their favourites to the list.




Buying food that’s in season and locally grown is easier on your budget. This FREE app for Android and iPhone helps you find local in-season food.



And couponing without all the cutting!



This app for iPhone brings you all kinds of shopping deals, coupons and discounts for stores across Canada, which include all your grocery needs.



Coupon Sherpa

If you’re in the U.S download the free Coupon Sherpa iPhone or Android app and get access to hundreds of in-store coupons on your mobile device. The app displays a barcode that the cashier can scan to give you the discount.




They’re making grocery savings fun. This app (currently only available in the U.S) allows you to earn cash on groceries and products by answering trivia questions, watching short videos, learning facts, or social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. After snapping a quick pic of your receipt, you earn cash back!



What are your go-to grocery savings tips?



Smart Cookies

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  1. Kathy Lawrence-Phillips

    My tip, Checkout51. Every Thursday morning their app updates with a new list of offers. All you have to do is pick the ones you like, purchase them at any store in Canada, and use the app to upload a photo of your receipt. When your account reaches $20, they will send you a cheque, or let the amount accumulste. Good for iphone and android. I LOVE IT.

  2. Ella Ngo

    Checkout51-different items every week. Buy the item of the week and Scan receipts to get money back. You can still use coupons on top of it.

    Saveland.ca for coupons. Get them to send it to you so you don’t have to use your ink from printing.

    Flyerland.ca for all flyers in Canada. They compare prices for you and coupons are there too.

    Save on foods and London Drugs does coupon stacking. Make sure all codes are different. I bought jumbo pack diapers for $1.99. I bought 3 loaves of D’italiano bread and 3 boxes of cookies for $00.03. I wish I live in the states,they have double up,triple up and stacking. I’d be rich, cause then they’ll owe me. LOL!!!

    Happy shopping!

  3. Trish

    In Canada, Checkout 51, offers cash back on grocery items and receipts over $60.00 – similar to Ibotta in the US – you take a picture of the receipt and submit it.

  4. Marie-France

    Great article! Thanks for the great apps! Already downloaded a couple and looking forward to trying them out. There is one app that I use that you and your readers might like to check out – Checkout51 – great way to save on your groceries.
    Thanks for all your great articles! I really do enjoy all the great tips you have!

  5. Kelly

    We have struggled to find a grocery list app, and now use OurGroceries- http://www.ourgroceries.com.
    It works for iPhones, Androids and BBs, and on your desktop/laptop. The BB reception seems to be a little dicey but we think that is a BB problem. I love this app because I always have my phone with me, when I’m shopping I touch the item on the list that is now in my basket and it disappears to the crossed off items at the bottom. Also, as we add to the list, it learns which category (store) we normally purchase these items from.
    Another good app: for tracking spending is DailyCost.

  6. Gidzmo

    What I like: coupons (do watch the expiration dates), store loyalty cards (Vons also has the Just4U program for those with their cards)

    I sometimes look at what’s on the clearance rack (items on this rack are usually half-price; the rack is in the back of the store). Sometimes I see what’s on closeout.

    For some things, I’ll go to the local dollar store.

  7. Smart Cookies

    Thanks for all the GREAT responses! Checkout51 is a Canadian app we’ll definitely be adding to our future lists.

  8. Lindsay Siebert

    My Family Meal Planner has an app that plans 4 meals per week for an entire year. The app is called: My Family Meal Planner Light. The recipes are included in the app and all the grocery lists are already made. It is a clickable grocery list so if you already have the item or once you put it in your shopping cart you can cross it off your list. Plus all the meals are under 500 calories, there is one crock pot meal each week and most recipes are heart healthy and diabetic friendly. You will save money at the grocery store because you have a menu planned for you.

  9. Laura

    Just saw this great article.
    I’m using an app called “CartCrunch” – a lovely app that lets you scan your receipts and get the prices+coupons in local supermarkets around you.
    It works great in Boston but it’s crowdsourcing so I guess there are many cities that are not covered that well enough….

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