6 Money Saving Grocery Apps to Make Shopping Simple

Grocery shoppingDear Cookies,

Sometimes the seemingly simple task of grocery shopping can be a major chore; all the aisles, the flashy brands, the endless choices!


And you’ve got a mission; stay within your spending plan, make healthy, smart choices… and fast, so you can make that one o’clock meeting and get the dog to the groomers. Ahh!


But all you need to do is reach into your purse and pull out your grocery savings secret weapon (a.k.a. your Smartphone).

Because we’ve got 6 mobile apps guaranteed to streamline your shopping experience and save your money and your sanity.




If you’ve ever stood in the grocery aisle trying to compare prices and contents to figure out which product size will get you the best deal, here’s an app for you! Apples2Oranges is a conversion calculator that lets you compare prices, amounts, and ingredients.




Here’s an app that makes shopping for the whole family a breeze. ZipList (available in the U.S and Canada) lets you create a shopping list for FREE. You can scan the barcodes to add items to your list and sync up with other family members who have the app downloaded – so they can add their favourites to the list.




Buying food that’s in season and locally grown is easier on your budget. This FREE app for Android and iPhone helps you find local in-season food.



And couponing without all the cutting!



This app for iPhone brings you all kinds of shopping deals, coupons and discounts for stores across Canada, which include all your grocery needs.



Coupon Sherpa

If you’re in the U.S download the free Coupon Sherpa iPhone or Android app and get access to hundreds of in-store coupons on your mobile device. The app displays a barcode that the cashier can scan to give you the discount.




They’re making grocery savings fun. This app (currently only available in the U.S) allows you to earn cash on groceries and products by answering trivia questions, watching short videos, learning facts, or social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. After snapping a quick pic of your receipt, you earn cash back!



What are your go-to grocery savings tips?



Smart Cookies

P.S  In yesterday’s Bite-size we brought you a ‘new’ Smart Cookie twist to the timeless lemonade stand, now watch Smart Cookie Sandra sharing all the details LIVE here (+ a bonus marketing tip to help the little ones take their business on the road… by wagon!)


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