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If you want to take control of your finances, get out of debt and reach not just financial but life goals, do it now.  Tomorrow never comes.  You don’t have anything to loose from candid information and everything to gain.

Smart Cookie, Patricia 

Kari-Ann Project Smart CookieAre you tired of struggling to pay off your debts? These tools will help you create a payoff plan and track your progress, to get  Debt Free faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


1. Debt Relief Bliss Bootcamp

It’s time to think differently about your debt and how to pay it down. In a few months we’re launching Debt Relief Bootcamp 2.0! This online course has helped thousands of people just like you, pay down thousands of dollars of debt faster and with more ease than they ever thought possible . To learn more about the Debt Relief Bootcamp click HERE

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Dear Cookies,

Now that the New Year’s hype has officially died down, the struggle to stay motivated with our 2015 financial and life goals remains. This month we are working with MOSAIC homes, developers of the most exquisite and timelessly designed homes in Greater Vancouver. We are working with MOSAIC to share strategies to help us all realize our dreams for this year.

Since owning a home ranks for many of us as one of the most important financial priorities this year we wanted to share some ways to make getting there a little easier.

Women and Wealth Denver