3 Top tips

Dear Cookies,

We’re busy, and so are you! So who has the time it takes to actually save serious money?! A recent survey by American Express revealed that our busy schedules (29%) and lack of discipline (37%) are two of the top factors that make it difficult for Canadians to shop around for good deals.

Luckily, we’ve made it our mission to find the simplest, most efficient money saving strategies. Trust us, if we can find the time to save money in our crazy lives, we know you can to. Here’s a behind the scenes look at our top three time and money saving strategies.

Spring SavingsEnjoy a Day Vacation

46 per cent of Canadians agree a staycation in their city/town is less affordable than it used to be. So get creative. Search what local hotels offer a day pass to the hotel amenities like the pool and spa. You may be able to enjoy a “day vacation” at a high-end local resort at a very affordable price. Another trick is hunting for deals at school auctions; if you know of an event hosting a silent auction, check those baskets for any local hotel or resort gift cards you could use over spring break, and if the price is right, nab it up! You could save hundreds on a local getaway and support a local cause – win-win!

store price tagsDear Cookies,

We can add this to the list of things that retailers may not be too keen on sharing… because, did you know that some stores have secret ways of telling you whether you’re getting their lowest price? And it’s hidden in plain sight — on the price tag!


What’s with items ending in .99?

This isn’t a deal at all actually. These are known as ‘charm prices,’ and this trick has been around for decades. Since people read from left to right, they are more likely to register the first number and make an immediate judgement as to whether the price is reasonable. So, consumers think they are getting a great deal, when this is just regular the price.

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