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What’s the one thing we love more than finding a great deal? Making more dough!! So what if there was a way to turn your passion for hunting down a deal into a serious money making business?

Travel Saving Secrets









Dear Cookies,

If you’re dreaming of, or planning a Spring getaway, I’m right there with you! But have you ever booked a trip, packed your bags, and took off to soak up some much needed relaxation or adventure seeking, and then you got home and experienced this? You’re rested, revitalized, you’ve posted all your pics on facebook and then … your credit card bill arrives. You look at the balance – your trip couldn’t possibly have cost that much, could it? You’re left wondering; did I overpay? Could I have found some ways to save? The answer is YES, and we have 5 simple actions you can take now that I promise will maximize your savings

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Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening right now. Our latest Smart Cookie Guide – The LIFT is officially launching this Money March 3rd. But for now and only until this Sunday March 2nd, you can reserve your order for the significantly reduced price of $49.97. That gets you full access to the 6 videos, eguide and eworkbook. On Monday the price will go up to $97, so you have only a few days to get in at the early bird price.

Ok, a confession – before I had my son Jack, I didn’t make a financial plan.  Why? Because the whole thing so overwhelming and I had better things to do with my time like napping and planning my nursery on pinterest. So I did nothing, then I had Jack and I was up all night, not just with the baby but with serious money anxiety.

I was overwhelmed and there were so many questions running through my head , like – how were we going to pay for daycare? Would Jason and I ever be able to afford date night again? And what about if something unplanned were to happen, like we lost an income or needed a big home repair, would we have to go into debt?