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3 Top tips

Dear Cookies,

We’re busy, and so are you! So who has the time it takes to actually save serious money?! A recent survey by American Express revealed that our busy schedules (29%) and lack of discipline (37%) are two of the top factors that make it difficult for Canadians to shop around for good deals.

Luckily, we’ve made it our mission to find the simplest, most efficient money saving strategies. Trust us, if we can find the time to save money in our crazy lives, we know you can to. Here’s a behind the scenes look at our top three time and money saving strategies.


Hi Denver Smart Cookies,

If you saw the Everyday Show today, you saw the adorable burlap Trick or Treat banner. There aren’t any left in Denver, so I’m giving the last one away (I snagged the last one yesterday!).  Simply sign up for your Smart Cookie emails in the big banner above this post and click the green button to “SIGN UP”, and you’ll be entered to win.

Winner will be announced today.

Happy Halloweening :)


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Smart Cookie Sandra is sharing what you should buy and never buy at the Dollar Store.

And yes, that’s a slow motion high five pictured below:)

Smart Cookies Sandra shares the easiest DIY Kid’s costumes, that even the “craft challenged” can easily do.

Guest staring baby Violet :)