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ad_300x250_2When Danielle first shared The Desire Map with me, I was lucky enough to get a digital copy before the official launch and it before it went on to become a best-seller. I started reading it on my computer but after the first five pages, I plugged my laptop into my printer and printed off every. single. page. This was a book I wanted to feel in my hands – I needed to feel it and see the words on paper as I highlighted, dog eared, and scribbled notes on every single page.

Win $500

Dear Cookies,

Have we told you lately that we LOVE you! Maybe it’s because we’ve had one too many eggnogs, but we feel like you deserve something really special for the holidays…like $500 special!

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Holiday Shopping Strategy

Dear Cookies,

Is it wrong that we’ve already cued up the Christmas music? It is November after all, right? This is our absolute favourite time of year, so the twinkling lights, hot chocolate and cheesy holiday music can’t come soon enough!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 5.28.17 AM

Dear Cookies,

What’s the one expense you look at every single month and cringe? For me, it’s my smartphone bill.

If you can relate, I think you’re really going to find this little bite-sized cookie very helpful.

 Why you need to consider bringing your smartphone over to Ting.

If don’t know about Ting yet, you need to, because for the past two years Ting has quietly been helping thousands of loyal fans save on their monthly mobile bills by offering a very unique solution to the traditional pricing plans offered by wireless service providers.